Sylvia joined ‘The Swinging Mood Orchestra’

On February 14th, I was asked to join an amazing music & arts collective in The Netherlands called ‘The Swinging Mood Orchestra’.
Within this collective I have the freedom to do all kinds of creative things as a visual artist/creative.
I’m currently working on a new logo for SMO and will post the results to this website as soon as possible.
I love the opportunity i’m getting to work with these amazingly talented people and I will be keeping you guys up to date on everything i’m gonna be doing within this collective.

You can follow us on Facebook and we will also be launching a new website sometime this year, accompanied by a new studio album! (how exciting!)


About the collective

The Swinging Mood Orchestra is a music & arts collective, founded in 2005 and led by composer/performer Norman Kapoyos

“Because of styles, people are seperated. They are not united together, because styles became law. But the original founder of the style started out with hypotheses” – Lee Jun Fan

The Swinging Mood Orchestra was conceived in the summer of 1996 by Norman Kapoyos as a group that would have the ability to swing from one style to another (and back)
SMO is not so much a band as it is a community of musicians and performers.
The Swinging Mood Orchestra therefore has no definitive line-up. The group is constantly being reformed to fit the artistic views and personal development of it’s leader.

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