Freelancer of the year 2016 finalist

Last month I got a call from the Freelancer of the year awards that they picked me as a wildcard finalist because they were impressed with the wonderful reviews I got from clients.
Out of more than 10.000 freelancers that signed up I’m currently part of the last 100 finalists and part of the last 10 finalists within my field ‘design, photography, video’.

They had an event last month where they help you to create the perfect pitch.
However…. I was in Thailand at the time so I recorded the video on a compact camera at the hotel I was staying at and sent it out to the judges.
This is the final result.

Watching the video and giving it a thumbs up on youtube will help me gain points in the competition so please have a look at my pitch. ?
It will only take about 40 seconds of your time.

The finals are on April 2nd 2016 in Amsterdam.

In this Dutch article you can read more about me and the competition;

I didn’t win but did have a great time at the event and it was an honour to have been part it.

I was a Very Irritating Person for the day!

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