Adobe Photoshop Challenge

On July 1st 2015 I was invited to join other Adobe Creative professionals at the Adobe Creative Meet Up at Pakhuis de Zijger in Amsterdam.
We got an inside look at the latest features of CS6 and the new apps such as Adobe Shape.
They also displayed a large gallery of work from Behance artists printed in high quality and framed.

Everyone had a chance to win their favourite piece of artwork from the gallery.
All you had to do was take a creative photo of the artwork and tweet why you wanted to win it.
I loved all the artwork in the gallery but 1 piece caught my eye that simply intrigued me….
The artwork was positioned
beside a table which I noticed had some colourful flowers on top.
1 of the flowers was exactly the same colour as the lips of the woman in the artwork.
So I pushed the table more towards the painting, (people were looking at me funny but I really didn’t care, I wanted to create an art piece!) I placed the flowers underneath and looked for an interesting angle to take the photo and entered it in the competition.

After a long day of learning they announced the winners, I felt pretty good about my attempt so I was super happy when I found out i’d actually won. My price was the actual art piece from the gallery.

When I went on stage to collect my price they told me that my choice was a very interesting one….
I’ve been a massive Photoshop addict since I was 15 years old. I’ve worked with Photoshop for over 13 years and it turned out…
Out of all the artworks in the gallery….(about 35 pieces) I had chosen the new Photoshop CS6 (25 year anniversary) splash screen!
I was ecstatic!! When I went home and updated to CS6 it was wonderful to see that the artwork that was hanging up on my wall, was indeed the new Photoshop CS splash screen.

Signing off, a very delighted woman

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