Visual Design at ING

Client: ING
Date: 2013-2015

I’ve been very privileged to work at ING on their old and new website as a Visual (Content) Designer.
As a visual designer I worked on all the visual aspects of the website and newsletters.
Creating banners, altering photo’s and even creating cinemagraphs and moving images for the mailings. (newsletter)

I had the honour to create the very first cinemagraph ever to be shown on ING after doing A LOT of convincing to upper management.
I animated KITT’s lights in Photoshop because that was the only software they had available and other designers have to be able to alter the images when i’m not around.

Why I was hired;
* They were looking for a Photoshop expert for still and moving images.
* Being able to be creative within strict boundaries.
* Giving solution-orientated advice
* Having an eye for detail
* Being able to realistically alter images in Photoshop
* Deliver pixel perfect images.

You can find a very small selection of my work below.